What is a Boise Boy?
A Boise Boy is a legislator who goes to Boise and allows themselves to be bound to the demands of lobbyists, special interest, PACs, and forgets about the people that he represents. I represent the people of Lewis and Nez Perce County and I will never become a Boise Boy.

2nd Amendment:
"Shall not be Infringed"

As your legislator I will support and defend both the U.S Constitution and the Idaho Constitution.  I will oppose any measure that erodes the 2nd Amendment.

I've heard from various business owners and managers that there are plenty of jobs, but a serious lack of job seekers with the skills and certifications required.  As a business owner, I agree with them. Within Idahos high schools we have many great programs such as Dual-Credit Courses, DECA and FFA which are preparing our youth for career fields in

business, marketing, and agriculture, but we need to look at more ways to prepare
students for fields such as manufacturing and other trades.  By working with the
business community, high schools and colleges, we can develop and expand
vocational training to help prepare our youth and adults for success.
In our classrooms, Idaho teachers should not be constrained to teaching to a test. 

When I am your legislator, I will make sure bureaucrats don't stand in the way of
teachers being able to unlock the potential of our children and themselves.
If we invest in education and training, then businesses will invest in Idaho.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, healthcare costs have skyrocketed. Having

insurance does not always mean people will get the care they need.  We should not
just treat the symptom that is coverage, without addressing the real disease, the cost
of healthcare.  Government helped create the current healthcare cost crisis, so throwing
a lifeline to those individuals in Idaho who cannot afford insurance is something that
all legislators should consider, but it needs to be right for Idaho.There needs to be a
complete review of how healthcare is obtained in Idaho so we can look for access
and cost reducing solutions.

Lower Taxes: 
Repeal Grocery Tax
Government should not tax something as essential to life as food.
Repealing the grocery tax will have a positive impact for border and rural towns. Counties
like Nez Perce and Lewis Counties face unfair competition from our neighbor Washington
State. Idaho businesses that sell groceries lose too many sales and jobs due to this
problem created by government.

Let's create and save jobs, help our community and eliminate a tax that should not exist.

Recovery Centers:
For the past 6 years, I have worked with people who are currently suffering or have suffered with addiction and I am also a member of the Region 2 BehavioralHealth Board. Drug and alcohol addiction wreaks devastation on the body, family, and society as whole. The solution is not locking up the sick, it is in peer-to-peer centers - people helping people.  Successful treatment not only benefits the lives of

those affected but can also save the taxpayers millions by making the person a productive member of society, while keeping them out of the prison system. I have been very involved in building recovery centers, and I am excited that Lewiston's center will soon be opening its doors. This center will utilize volunteers to assist those that have no idea how to begin a life of recovery.  I will continue advocating for this cause in the Idaho State Legislature.

After being in business as a job creator for over 30 years, I know that BUSINESSES create jobs that are long term and not funded by our tax dollars. We need an environment that nurtures growth for new and existing businesses.  Without jobs, nothing happens -no one buys a house, or a car, or a big screen TV, or anything else all the things that keep an economy growing and thriving and creating tax revenue, more taxes being paid not higher tax rates.  I will tirelessly work on issues that will create great jobs while making Idaho an even greater place to play, work, live and raise a family.

From citizens, tourists, farmers/ranchers and other businesses, we all rely on infrastructure.  The condition of our infrastructure directly impacts costs in our daily lives, and can pose safety risks if not properly maintained.  Our roads, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure elements are vital to our economy, and we need to treat them accordingly.  While in the legislature, I will work to prioritize spending and direct infrastructure funds to our district.