Mike Kingsley has been thinking of running for the Idaho House Seat, Position B, for a long time. In 2014, when he realized that Minority Leader, John Rusche had no other opponent, he consulted his wife about her feelings of him running for the position.  Carolyn gave him that “RUN MIKEY RUN,” similar to what happened in Rocky - but not as dramatic. After starting out as a write-in candidate, Kingsley lost by only 48 votes against Rusche. 

Personal Information:
Born on December 31st, 1959, in Lewiston, Idaho. In 1982, Mike married his wife, Carolyn. They have three children - Bradley (Shaye), Lucas, and Katie Ann. They also have three dogs.

Mike Kingsley graduated from Lewiston Senior High in 1978. He then moved on to receive his First Class Radio Telephone License from BLT Electronic Theory in 1979. His certifications include:
• Mold Remediation
• Water Intrusion
• Mold Investigation Air Testing
• Crawl Space Mitigation
• CRC Certification in Fire Damage
• Water Damage
• CIE Certification (Difficult Understanding of Indoor Air Quality)
• Certified Indoor Environmentalist

Awards Received:
Top 1% Franchise in the Nation 7 years in a row – Chem-Dry

• Nationally recognized and visited by the CEO of Harris Research to
  view and implement our ideas to help other franchises.  We tested
  new products and cleaning solutions for Harris Research.
• We pushed hard for new equipment that would better the system;

  Harris implemented and revolutionized their process.  This opened
  adoor for Harris to be purchased by Home Depot. CEO, Craig
  Donaldson, thanked me for helping all the franchises when he had
  heard we sold our final franchise in 2010.

Current Projects:
• Working on starting a Recovery Center in the Lewis Clark Valley that will serve as sober living and helping addicts recover from addiction.

• Building a family rug cleaning business, Rug Renewal, with my son Lucas, specializing in exclusively cleaning area rugs.  I will be acting in an advisory position while Lucas will be managing the business.

• We also moved my parents who are suffering with dementia into our home, this is a family affair with my beautiful wife Carolyn keeping all of us in line.  I thank God for her daily.

Positions Held and Completed Projects:
• Lewiston Gun Club board of directors
• The Tri State Hospital Foundation,
• Red Cross Advisory Board - Founder  
• Lewiston Air Quality Advisory Board
• Lewiston Chamber Legislation Committee
• The Lewis-Clark State Business Division 
• Jackson Baldwin Falls (graces Lewiston’s entrance)
• A children’s memorial dedicated to my daughter’s friend, who  
  she watched struggle with cancer through childhood; unfortunately
  he passed, but what a remarkable young man he was, who taught all of us,
  including adults, valuable lessons about love.